Saturday, March 31, 2012


A quick post for today, I didn't had the time to make some outfit photos and the weather was also horrible today! On the first picture you see green shorts, I saw them yesterday in a small store in Germany (Gronau). I wanted them so bad, but I promised myself, no shopping anymore this month. But what do you think about the shorts, don't you think it's cute? The second and last the last photo are from the magazine Elle, Stijlbijbel.   I especially like the second photo, the colors are amazing, I love it! And on the third photo, my new mint green pants. I hope I can make some outfit photos tommorow, the weather is so weird here.. one day it's summer and one day it's winter. Now I'm going to the terrace with my friends. Have a good night!


  1. Great shorts :)

    I invite you to

  2. These shorts are amazing! You can style the in so many ways!
    x D.

  3. Love those green shorts :)

    - Victoria

  4. De Elle stijlbijbel is leuk he? :) Leuke groene shorts!

  5. De stijlbijbel is geweldig!
    Leuke foto's :)

  6. Love the short, perfect for here (my here=Bali). Love it!


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