Friday, August 17, 2012


This is part two of my holiday in Spain, overload photos but this will be the last part! 1/ The first time that I have drank the cocktail Sex on the beach and now it's my favorite! 2/ Monica and me, on our way to the restaurant 3/ The beach, I made this photo from the boat. I love this photo, It gives me a summerfeeling. 4/ Rachel, Monica and I, on our way to the restaurant (again) and after that we went to the beach in the late evening, we had so much fun! 5/ Me in Barcelona 6/ There were a lot of birds in Barcelona and this bird is one of them.

When I see these photos I want to go back to Spain soooo bad!! I will try to post an outfit post these two days, I have to work all day so I am quite busy. I wish you a lovely day!


  1. I love the photos (and Spain). Cute outfit :)

  2. such cute outfits~~~ and lovely photos! would love to visit!!! happy friday! xO!

  3. It's beautiful there!

    xo Jennifer

  4. the photos are great you look beautiful :D
    follow each other?

  5. hey :) Thanks for your comment! i love this outfit and the photos are lovely! about the comfy look in the previous post..this is definitely my style, i love the combination of everything together..its GORGEOUS!! XX

  6. Pictures are amazing! I just got thirsty lookin at those cocktails!!!



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